What Do We Want In Life?

There have been many points in my life where I have asked myself What do I want to do in life, who do I want to be, where do I want to live.  I have lived a successful life where I have had personal success at careers as well as learning the tools to live a happy life, a life with moments of bliss.

All is well in life but since we have just entered a new year and I have also had a recent birthday I have had the realization that I have just been passing the past couple of years away without a new goal for the future.  Perhaps you have been doing this as well but are first wanting to know what direction that you will take.  Perhaps you want to decide on the goal before you start taking serious action on the direction that you will be taking.

That all sounds logical to me.  This is what I’ve done in the past, I’ve thought for months or years about what I want to accomplish next and then once I’ve decided I will start in that direction.

Since I’ve now been stagnant for a couple of years of just basking in my happiness and comforts of the past I’m going to do something completely different.  I’m going to get busy and stay busy until my next goal find me.  I believe that I want to increase my income by blogging about something that I’m an expert in.  I want it to be fun and something that I find myself passionate about. 

Here’s where I’m at now I was injured for much of the past year and mostly just sat around being in pain and too tired to get busy.  So getting busy, even if I don’t feel like it, seems like a good place to start.  I’ve decided to ignore the pain and fatigue and get out and get busy and see where this busyness leads me in life.

It’s January and I’m going to start a vegetable garden.  It’s not too early to start getting the soil ready because this is a very rocky area where I live.  It may take me months just to get the land ready to plant seeds in it.  Besides being rocky soil, there are cactus and a tree to take out.  Yep, this should take me until spring to get ready.

As I started preparing today, by moving my tools into the area. I realized that getting a vegetable garden going was just like the times in the past when I would start a new business so I will be describing the process of getting the mind ready for a new enterprise as similar to getting the soil ready for a new garden.

I have found myself restless about what I wanted to do with the next phase of my life.  I have been on automatic pilot for a few years.  I have been happy with what I have accomplished in the past and I haven’t been motivated to get a new project going.  I have been using the excuse that I don’t feel well and I’m too tired to start a new project.  I have felt that I didn’t want to push forward and start a new project.  Then this year I injured myself to such a degree that I couldn’t work and do the things that I usually do.  I have found that I miss being active.  So I have decided to push beyond how I feel and the desire to just be a blob doing ‘research’.  I am challenging myself to start with physical activity and push beyond fatigue and pain and just get busy with our garden.  I believe that as I push myself physically to go beyond what I have been telling myself that I am feeling, pain and fatigue (this is moving the rocks and blocks out of my thoughts) I will find a new level of energy and strength.

I have decided that I will start preparing for having a vegetable garden on each of the days over 60 degrees.  Yesterday was over 60 and I knew that I could do my rototilling so as to get the rocks out of the area where we will put in our first vegetable garden.  There are many rocks on this land so it takes much to clear a space to grow things.  All of the landscaped areas on our property were prepared by my wife and I when we landscaped, it was rototill the area, remove rocks, rototill again, remove more rocks, smooth out the soil, put in seed at the proper time of the year, then water and care for the grass and plants in the newly landscaped area. 

As I’ve lived life it seems that progressing in creating a career is a similar ongoing process except that the preparation takes place in my thought process instead of in the soil.  So the process goes like this remove the thoughts (rocks) that the seeds can’t grow and flourish in.  Go back through my thoughts again for a second time and remove more limiting thoughts.  Continue this process until the mind is clear of limiting thoughts.  Then smooth out the thoughts so as to make them receptive for the seeds of my new life to start.  Plant the seeds and see the new life come up and sustain me.

This is a recent revelation of how I have grown in my life as I start preparing for a new relationship or career opportunity.  I first have to remove the barriers that my thoughts create by being the watcher if my mind and thoughts so as to prepare my mind with new information for the new career that I am moving towards.  I have found that when the mental thought limitations are removed all of a sudden there I am living a new life.  Just like magic, yet there is no magic to it.  Just get busy and head towards any goal and change it as you are moving forward.  It’s just like driving a car, we go forward and brake or slow down according to the road condition or turn and change our direction to get to our destination.  When just driving around for the fun of it we may not have a destination but we can have many pleasurable experiences until we decide if we want a destination and what destination it will be.

Since I’ve had many careers and even more jobs the process has now become clearer to me on how each one was achieved.  Although, in my life I have been more about just starting on the process of moving towards a new career and the removal of the limiting thoughts and barriers of lack of knowledge (the rocks) happened as I moved forward in pursuit of my new goal.  I think that consciously removing the negative thoughts and barriers in my mind as I go forward will work much faster and better to move towards my new goals .

I will use starting this garden to get my mind at a place where I will get a realization of what I am supposed to do in the new life that I am creating.  If it is to just be working outside in the garden that will be just fine.  But, I do have an inner feeling that there is more ahead of me that I am supposed to accomplish and by starting this action of starting my garden right now in mid winter I will find the new thing that I want to work toward being and becoming.  I will enjoy the trip as well as the destination.  

As least I will have a vegetable garden ready to plant by spring.  I think that I should put in some berry bushes along the fence line as well.  Yummy, berry’s and fresh organic vegetables right out of the garden.

Peace and happiness,


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