Happiness By Small Actions

I don’t usually have to be out on the Interstate during drive time traffic.  But I had a meeting on a real estate project that I’m working on, so here I am in the Monday morning rush hour traffic.

I’m the type of driver that will always drive in the right lane at whatever speed that it is going and not worry about how long it takes to get places.  Getting there safely is my goal.

I have thought about this method of getting where I’m going and I’ve decided that it’s the safest lane for the places that I usually go to.  Plus I plan ahead and always leave so that I will be at my destination fifteen to twenty minutes early.  I want to be relaxed when I drive and more so when I get there.  If I get someplace early I can walk around and enjoy what ever area of town I’m in.  Tree’s, birds, plants, people.  Yup, I’m a people watcher and enjoyer of life.

Today on the Freeway the traffic was already heavy, then the radio driving conditions report said that the right lane was blocked ahead of me with an accident.  I needed to get into the middle lane if I wanted to keep the flow going.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that there was almost enough room to safely make the lane switch so I put on my turn signal with the hope that the other driver would let me in.  As soon as the other driver in a huge black SUV saw my blinker he pulled up ten feet so there was no way I could make a lane change.

Now you know that this torqued me off.

You may know the feeling I had, I felt my fingers start to move into a middle finger salute and much to my surprise I brought them into a thumbs up signal.  I looked over my shoulder and smiled at the driver and then raised my thumbs up sign along with a super friendly smile sending an inner vibration of peace and happiness from me.  Boom, it was just an instant after that when he must have taken his foot off of the gas pedal and made room for me to get into the middle lane ahead of him.  I flowed into that open middle lane just in time to miss the blockage.  I gave him a huge wave as we both drove forward and I could feel the smile that that driver had.

I’ve been thinking about this event for a couple of days and here is my take away from it:
Think about the feeling that that driver had for the rest of the day, a surge of happiness at doing a nice thing for someone.  Then think about what I felt when the driver was so kind as to let me change lanes.  I was so happy that by my being friendly to this driver we both were able to feel a surge of happiness because of our both doing one thing good to another person.

I had the power to make this persons day a day with a moment of anger or a moment of happiness, it was my choice.  Often a moment of an emotion will stay with us all day.  I choose to spread my happiness with the other driver and boom instantaly the moment of friendliness was returned to me.

Folks, I have heard over and over in my life – “if we want to change the world for the better, then let it begin with me”.  I really want a better world.  A world of peace, personal freedoms and happiness so let it begin with me.

We may not see the results of our actions but the results of spreading happiness will change the world.

I’m glad that I could spread a little happiness in this world.  Join me in spreading happiness and we just may change the world together.

If I had given that middle finger salute, I would have felt badly for my actions and that drivers day would have started out with anger.  I’m working on making changes in my life right now and I want to spread happiness as much as I can.

How would you like the world to be?  It doesn’t do a bit of good for the world if we want happiness then we continue to spread anger to other people.  To live a happy life we each must make the decision to be happy in our own lives and then spread our happiness to others.

I hope that you have j0y, happiness, compassion and bliss in your life.  Make the choice right now to spread these feelings and they will be returned to you.  Become a watcher of you own mind and actions and the world will change around you.

I hope that in the comments section you will share your experiences.

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