Make The Power Of Attraction Work For You

There is a little used way to make the powers of attraction work for you. Perhaps you have read books on the power of attraction and this secret may not have been revealed to you or perhaps it wasn’t made clear … Continue reading →

How I Learned My First Big Life Lesson

As a young man I was living a life of unhappiness, pain and anguish.  It seemed like life wasn’t being fair to me and I was being pushed down and down with no way in sight to rise above where … Continue reading →

Happiness By Small Actions

I don’t usually have to be out on the Interstate during drive time traffic.  But I had a meeting on a real estate project that I’m working on, so here I am in the Monday morning rush hour traffic. I’m the type of … Continue reading →

Something Expensive Breaks – How to React

I recently had a friend ask me the following question. “Lee, let’s say something expensive breaks that you own. What’s your reaction? How do you deal with it?   You promote the idea of staying in happiness, so how do … Continue reading →

What To Do On A Bad Day

I have found that I don’t really have ‘bad days’ at this stage of my life every day is a beautiful day. This comes from recognizing each moment as one to treasure. When I observe thoughts that could put a … Continue reading →

Stuck and Not Writing – Is not writing emotional or writers block?

What is it that stops us from writing?  Is it writers block or could it be something else?  I was writing almost every day and then I had a disappointment that stopped me from writing for a long time.  No … Continue reading →