New Year Has Come and Gone and I’m Worried

Well folks, the new year has come and gone and I am already concerned about my ability to make any changes in my life.  You see, it’s all about two notches that just snuck up on me while I was having a good ol time for Christmas and New Year.  It couldn’t be more than two or three weeks in time but I can already see that I’m just not living up to my own expectations and it’s only January 3rd.

Two notches told me this sad but true truth.  Yup, in only three weeks I have two notches in my belt screaming in my ear ‘You ate every sweet that was in reach’ and then you had to keep going back to the kitchen for more.

Those Lindor extra dark truffles did me in.  I would pick up two pieces from the bag and take them to our big room so as to have enough to last me all evening. The two pieces were usually gone before I had sat in my chair for one single short minute.  Then I had to see how it would feel to have two of the chocolates in my mouth at one time and I would squeeze down until that creamy mixture would run all through my mouth.  Oh, yummy.

Yes in only three weeks I have gone from buying a few of the 3.5 oz size bags to getting a big load of the 6 oz bags to just hold me through Christmas.  After all they were on sale.  I bought so many large bags of the chocolates that here it is January 3rd and I still have a bag left to eat.

Like I said I started out with just taking two pieces down to the big room each evening and now I just bring the whole big bag down with me.  I know I’m going to go back up and get more so I might as well as bring two bags full.

I was so proud of myself in early December I was down to my almost perfect weight and so I made a line on the inside of the belt with a red marker so that I would know when I am at my perfect weight.  I’m sitting here in my recliner and last night I had to undo the top button and pull the zipper down in order to sit comfortable in my favorite pair of jeans.

It was just couple of minutes ago that I dared to look down at my belt because I couldn’t get it to fit unless I let the belt be two notches away from perfect.  Well I guess that I can get to work on that self control thing next week, the wife is pulling out the second batch of chocolate chip cookies for me.  Yea, I forgot to mention that for Christmas presents she gave away two batches of chocolate chip cookies and kept two batches for me.  Oh yes, they sure were good.

I had a plan about what I would do with the first batch of cookies, I told myself that I will freeze those two batches of cookies and then I will only have a cookie once or twice a week as a treat.  Yes, I know that was my plan for the first two batches of cookies before Christmas, but this time I’m going to really do it.

Now three weeks later she just finished another two batches of cookies.  I hereby resolve to freeze those cookies tonight.

I hope that you had a fantastic Christmas, Hanukkah or the holiday that you celebrate and a wonderful New Year.  I hereby resolve to have a Happy year ahead.

I also forgive myself.  I’m going to get back on track right now.  Boy those cookies sure smell good.  I think I should get them into a bag and frozen right now and not wait for later.  How was your holiday?


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